In Genoa between 6th and 9th of March, 2014 Grundtvig Partnership project “Common Stories of Europe” meeting and Storytelling Festival “The city of tales” was organized.

Together with the host organization – “Librotondo Soc. Coop Onlus” (Italy) and partner organizations – “Vidzeme Culture and Art Association “Haritas” (Latvia), “Orka Consulting” (Poland), “CITRIN – sdružení pro osobní rozvoj” (Czech Republic), “Associação Empresarial the Pacos de Ferreira” (Portugal), Center for Culture and Arts “George Topîrceanu” (Romania), participants performed activities which were organized to achieve project objectives.

On March 5th, during the evening, after all participants had arrived from their countries, the official opening of the project meeting took place.

On Thursday, the 6th March in “The Galata Museo del Mare” – a museum of the Municipality of Genoa, the first activity of the project was held. Participants could see interactive exhibition that is dedicated to the Italian emigration and foreign immigration. There were used the method of storytelling – true stories were told about the personalities of Genoa and the great geographical discoveries so partners could better understand the history of Genoa. In interactive activity was used not only storytelling but also role-playing in order to develop empathy for immigration issue and to increase the understanding and respect for cultural diversity.

By visiting exhibition “Dialogue in the dark” participants experienced knowledge about living in the dark not only with words but also with all other senses. It is unique exhibition where you can’t see anything. In total darkness, with a blind guide, participants experienced an adventure of seeing and understanding things with all other senses.

After exhibition continued activity “Discovering Genoa through stories”, participants through stories learn about an ancient chocolate factory.

In the afternoon participants met a number of citizens of non-governmental organization “Ama” from Genoa who told them about their educational activities for youth and adults. In order to enrich knowledge and to enhance intercultural understanding, stories about the streets of the historic center of Genoa were told by the representatives of the host organization.

(Photos by Guntis Pakalns)


The day of 7th March was held in the International Library “Edmondo De Amicis” where participants performed a series of activities starting at 9:30 o’clock till 19:00. After the welcome speech, the scientific director of the library told the first story – “Big Friendly Giant” by Roald Dahi, and then there was presented the art of creating stories using writing of Gianni Rodari.
After a series of icebreakers, storytelling methods used by the host organization in trainings “Stories have us” and “Ask me” were presented.

In a workshop “Drawing and illustration” which was led by the painter Beatrice Poggio used the storytelling method in which was used colors and collages. In the group activities presented storytelling methods that could be used also in other partner organizations. Storytelling methods in different social contexts (for hospitals, schools, prisons, libraries and other public places) were presented by young and senior volunteers of the host association and other associations in Genoa.

During the workshop “42: The Meaning of Life” participants tested a new storytelling card game that has been made by Italian partner and participants invented new storytelling methods using the new card game.

At the evening participants watched a film “The King of the Island” by Raimondo della Calce that had a good information with stories about city life in the past and the values Genovese cherish most.

On the 8th of the March the program started early in the morning with a visit to Camogli, an ancient fishing village where true stories about the life and beliefs of the local were told. In medieval abbey “St. Fruttuoso” the history of the area and the legends of Liguria were presented by local storyteller.

The evening ended at Ducal Palace, one of the most beautiful monuments of the thirteenth century from Genoa, where the group “Rebis” formed by Alessandra Ravizza and Andrea Megliola presented the concert “Storytelling through Music”. Certificates of participation were handed out in a ceremony.

Next and last project meeting and storytelling festival, conference will take place in Poland, May 2014.

More information and photos from project and meeting in Genoa also –

Project lasts from August 2012 until July 2014.
Project is financed by European Commission Life-Long Learning Programme “Grundtvig” action “Learning Partnerships”.


Here are some videos with impressions of project partners in Genoa:













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