Between 20th -23rd May, 2014 in Lodz, Poland was organized the sixth project meeting and final conference of Grundtvig Learning Partnership Project “Common Stories of Europe”. It was organized by the Polish partner – “Orka Consulting”.

The participants from Project partners organizations were involved in storytelling activities and conference: Vidzemes kultūras un mākslas biedrība “Haritas” (Latvia), CITRIN – sdružení pro osobní rozvoj, o. s. (Czech Republic), Associação Empresarial de Paços de Ferreira (Portugal), Librotondo Soc. Coop ONLUS (Italia) and Center of Culture and Arts “George Topirceanu” (Romania).
On Tuesday, 20th of May participants had a first meeting where they discussed about the main activities which will happen during the last meeting of the “Common Stories of Europe” in Lodz.

On Wednesday, 21st of May, the activities started in Open Air Museum of Wooden Architecture at the Central Museum of Textiles in Lodz where participants learned the history of the city that is also called “the city of four cultures”: Polish, Jewish, German and Russian. Led by the facilitator Anna Dąbrowicz, the participants visited a house where a Jewish family lived before the Second World War and participants found their story in an interesting way – they developed the stories themselves in a storytelling workshop, they created stories from various artifacts of the house. During the last part of the activity the Textile Museum was visited and the curator told the story of Museum.

In that same day the second part of the program was held in the Poznanski Museum. Meeting participants heard real stories of the history of the city and the Poznanski family stories. A workshop facilitated by the plastic artist Anna Meissner was a great challenge for the participants. They had the task to find a stories from their own life with the help of some person photos from past of Lodz city. Participants had to tell stories so that these persons from the past could understand them. Afterwards participants represented the feelings reveled by these stories through drawing, colors and collages.

To make the connection between past and present participants were led to “Manufaktura”. The Manufaktura is located in the central part of the city, in the former industrial complex founded by Izrael Poznański, which is known also as the filming location of the novel by Władysław Reymont titled The Promised Land about the industrialization of the city of Łódź. Here the stories from the past were mingled with the stories from the present.

The last part of the day was held at the Museum of Modern Art where participants through the work of art could see and thought different stories.

On Thursday, 22nd of May participants were led to the Centre for Environmental Education in Łagiewniki Forest, the largest forest in Europe within the city administrative borders. Here, under the guidance of local artists was held a workshop on “Dialogue between Generations”. The project participants together with students and seniors, volunteers of the host organization created stories and also expressed them through collors.

In the afternoon was organized an outdoor workshop “Map of Stories”. The participants had the task to create stories inspired from the challenges, the places and special situations that they met during their journey through the forest.

On Friday, 23rd of May, in the first part of the day project participants visited Hebrew Cemetery, the largest cemetery in Europe and the railway ramp in Lodz where Jews have been sent to death camps during the Holocaust and some Holocaust stories were told.

The day ended with the Final Conference organized by the host organization at Lodz University. The conference was ended with the Certificates Ceremony.

The last day for all partners was the departure day and the end of the project, when all partners say goodbye. We want to say that we will definitely all hope to see each other again.

More information and photos from project and meeting in Lodz also –

Project lasts from August 2012 until July 2014. Project is financed by European Commission Life-Long Learning Programme “Grundtvig” action “Learning Partnerships”.





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