Librotondo Soc. Coop ONLUS

Librotondo Soc. Coop ONLUS is a not for profit social co-operative.
It develops and builds cultural and training projects, mainly on childhood culture, for a wide target of beneficiaries (especially literature, art, gameplay, media). Such projects are meant as training devices to foster a better understanding of the culture of human and children rights.

Organization implements projects in culture, education and training for children, kids, families at school and during recreational time and organizes training courses and workshops for teachers, families, trainers, volunteers (design, tutoring and teaching/training) on following issues:
– Promotion of children rights culture, education to citizenship and participation
– Gender education, stereotypes, gender equality
– Kids’ library, promotion of literature and reading among children and kids
– Conflict management and group dynamics
– Consultancy for public and private organizations developing and managing cultural and educational activities (seminars, meetings, exhibitions, workshops, readings, festivals)
– Research and organization of materials and information in the fields of children’s literature, civics, didactics for contemporary history, especially human rights, italian and european constitution, co-operation and collaboration experiences.

Storytelling and oral history play a huge role in activities and events developed by Librotondo.

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