Vidzeme Culture and Art Association “Haritas”


Vidzeme Culture and Art Association „Haritas” was founded 21st April, 2005. The main aims of the association are:
• to strengthen culture sector,
• to promote cultural education, exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience;
• to motivate participation in social life with mediation of art and culture;
• to facilitate awareness of cultural identity; to develop cultural heritage policy;
• to plan, organize and implement cultural events, activities and processes;
• to promote cooperation between local governments, governmental institutions, nongovernmental organizations and entrepreneurs;
• to maintain interest advocacy of its members, providing adequate help.

Main fields of activities:
• culture and cultural education,
• life-long learning and intergenerational dialogue,
• intercultural learning and intercultural dialogue,
• interdisciplinary cooperation, dialogue between NGO’s, municipalities, state and business institutions,
• advocacy,
• sustainable, result-oriented NGO sector, development of civic society.

27th January, 2006 structural unit „NGO Information” was founded. Structural unit is engaged in publicity and public relations of NGO sector, as well as consultations about project application elaboration. Since organization was founded, it is working to promote circulation of the information and dialogue between different target groups.
The association has 58 members, both juridical and physical persons: representatives of the professional art, amateur collectives, culture centers in parishes, other NGOs of the culture sphere. The structural unit “NGO Information” works with NGOs from various fields, mainly the social.

Main target groups of the association are: youth, seniors, other NGO’s and cultural institutions as well as local municipalities, state and business institutions.

“Haritas” is a member of association “Latvian Civic Alliance”, member in Latvian Women NGO Cooperation network and Latvian Network of Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation.

27th November 2007, in Valmiera, Latvia, on initiative of Vidzeme Culture Art and Culture Association Culture Organization Cooperation Network “European Culture Identities” (ECI) was established. Aim of the network – to promote cooperation between culture organizations in different countries to develop new social culture projects and initiatives.

Vidzeme Culture and Art Association works in very different levels – local, regional, national and also international. Every year we implement 5-6 projects of different scope. As nongovernmental organization we don’t have persistent funding, we work mainly on project basis.

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