Orka Consulting-Lodz

Orka Consulting was established in Lodz in 2007. It is a microenterprise that cooperates with about 15 highly qualified specialists in the field of training services, EU consulting, management consulting and Internet applications designing.
Moreover, the Company cooperates on permanent basis with training institutions, universities and colleges, small and medium enterprises, as well as research institutes.

The areas of the Company’s business activity:
• Business training in the field of: marketing strategy, negotiations, small and medium enterprises management, promotion, human resources management, foreign languages, communication in business, career counselling and psychological counselling.
• Computer training courses and ICT.
• Equality of woman and man training courses.
• Counselling in the field of applying effectively for EU funds for educational activity.
• Projects partially financed by the European Social Fund.
• Organisation of management and accounting processes within the training and educational projects.
• Evaluation of training projects.

We prepared and implemented on-line evaluation tool which is used for evaluation and dissemination of European Project. Evaluation forms are prepared separately for each project to cope with requirements of concrete specific project.
• Developing the networks of contacts and links in order to find the optimum conditions for effective cooperation.
• Internet promotion and consumer-centered, cost-effective advertising and marketing strategy.

Orka Consulting was the author and participated in execution of the following projects which were partially financed by the European Social Fund:
• ‘I Am a Working Woman’ – this education project was attended by 54 unemployed women and included career counselling, psychological counselling, English language and soft skills training courses;
• ‘Lodz Health Service Employees of European Calibre’ – this education project was prepared for 192 Lodz Health Service employees and included ICT and English language training courses.
• ‘Academy of multimedia and design’ – educational project for 64 workers employed in the fields of advertising, film making, computing games, graphics, design who would like to boost their competences in projecting multimedia and design.
• ‘Woman’s weapon are knowledge and qualifications – educational project for 64 women in managerial positions who boost their competences in the field of management of design services.


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