“George Topirceanu” Culture and Arts center

Culture and Arts Center of Curtea de Arges is a public cultural institution; an institution representative of the culture of Arges. Built in mid-century in local architectural style, it has a modern multifunctional performance hall with 400 seats, film projection equipment, sound and light systems, but also conference rooms, workshops, music and painting. Here are organized theater, ballet and musicals, choral music, folk, classical, easy and instrumental; viewing of films and documentaries.

In Culture and Arts Center take place sessions, workshops, seminars and meetings of the literary circle and Arts circle – ARTIS. The participants are of all ages. Evenings of poetry, exhibitions of painting, sculpture, photography, and International folk festivals, the dramatization of classical opera and modern ways to facilitate lifelong learning both of the young and adult population as well. Cultural activities with an educational purpose weekly draw large numbers of city residents. One of the concerns driving the institution is to attract and engage in cultural and educational activities people, both young and old from the vulnerable groups to facilitate their integration, help them socialize and develop their self-esteem.


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