Local storytelling activities and meetings with stakeholders

 Information day for stakeholders – 07/06/2013

We invited Europe-Direct – Tâmega e Sousa (http://www.europedirect-tamegaesousa.pt/) to briefly present their institution while focusing on several European programs and services, as a way of raising awareness to European issues and of introducing our project «Common Stories of Europe» as an example of said programs, in this case a Grundtvig Learning Partnership.

Besides the main objectives and outcomes of our project, related topics like European funding, studying/working abroad, citizen’s rights, or migration, were also discussed.
After the Q&A, there was a coffee-break prepared by one of our groups of trainees, featuring European gastronomy and general information about different countries.

This event was open to the public.

Adoption of storytelling tool “Myself and Others”

This method aims at the promotion of critical thinking by enabling, in a fun way, democratic group discussion around important topics related to the psychological development of adolescents and young adults. This non-formal pedagogical tool consists in 8 interactive stories, which can be video-projected for greater effect; these stories are each dedicated to a particular topic: Growing-Up, Friendship, School, Family, Love, Drugs, Leisure, and the Future. Participants are asked ‘to place themselves in the shoes’ of the main characters and lead them throughout a series of hypothetical decisions, discussing their options in group, as the story unfolds; different choices will lead to different endings.

Descripton of storytelling tool Myself and Others.

Myself and others – storytelling tool.


3 workshops using the pedagogical deck of cards «42: the meaning of life»

Workshop for trainers/staff: – 28/04/2014

Presentation of the objectives of the project and, specifically, of the pedagogical tool
Test-drive: Exploration of some of the different methods/rules for using the deck of cards
Final discussion about purpose and potential of the tool.


Workshop for trainees – 19/06/2014

Adult Education – Training for Inclusion: 4th grade
During a field trip to Porto, trainees were asked to use the cards by:
– picking a card and trying to use the word that come up as a way to describe the study visit or their feelings at that moment;
– picking a card and without letting anyone see it, having the rest of the group guess the word by asking questions, in turns;
– picking a card and without seeing it but showing it to everyone else, asking the group questions in order to find out the word;
There was a final discussion at the end, during which trainees commented on the experience.

Workshop for trainees 2 – 10/09/2014 and 16/09/2014

Apprenticeship System: 12th Grade
During two sessions, trainees were asked to express the word they picked through sounds/mimic, for the rest of the group to guess the word.
They also told small stories using at least three random cards.
There was a final discussion about the importance of being a good communicator.


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