Local storytelling activities and information day for stakeholders


Information day for stakeholders

On May 10, 2014 , in the boardroom of the City Hall from Curtea de Arges, Tania Nicolau has informed the audience about Grundtvig project “Common Stories of Europe ” financed by the European Union. On the occasion of this Information session, the main stages of the project has been reviewed as well as the opportunities provided by the project to the inhabitants of Curtea de Arges city

Thus, through this project , the history ,the legends and the spirituality of this cultural space have been widespread throughout Europe, thanks to our European partners.

On the other hand the impact of the project on city residents was strong through the project activities, improving their knowledge, skills and competencies in storytelling and listening, improving their culture knowledge and communication skills, developing their language skills and facilitating intergenerational cooperation between seniors and youth

During this information session, Tania Nicolau has presented the methodological materials on storytelling achieved during the project time by the project team of the Centre for Culture and Arts “George Topîrceanu ” with the support of the Municipal Museum and the Arges Library.
The methodological materials developed during the project time have been offered to the stakeholders: headmasters of general schools or high schools, managers of cultural institutions, representatives of associations of culture or culture people from the city and surrounding areas in order to be used during their future cultural activities.


2 Photos – Many Stories

On 14 November 2013 , between 13 to 15 o’clock , students and teachers from National College “Octav Onicescu”, local partner of Centre of Culture of Arts “George Topirceanu” in the Grundtvig PAR project “Common Stories of Europe” on the frame of Lifelong Learning Programme developed together ” 2 Photos – Many Stories ” workshop. In order to prepare this activity, 2 teams consisting of students and teachers took photos on streets and selected them. They have selected 2 of them and during the workshop posted them on the video projector asking their colleges to create stories regarding them. All of them , both young and adults, both teachers and students , using storytelling method narrated them. Even if the photos were only 2 , the stories were different and numerous; all the participants understood that they see the same things due to their life experience, age and their concerns. Using storytelling they were able to know better each other, overcoming generation gap, improving the relation between youth and adults through cooperation. Each of them have learned from the experience of others acquiring new knowledge and especially learning to tell and listen.

Summer stories 

The participants involved in this activity, using a specific game for storytelling- story cube – have put their summer memories together and have created new stories. All these stories were put in envelopes and after that their authors will receive them next year by post. So, they will learn a lot of things about themselves.

Seniors tell youth

On June 12, 2013, the Romanian project team starts working on the project’s products, realizing one of the stories: a life experience based story – or the story of a lifetime, where the memories are mingled with fiction, becoming tales, novels, and heresies. The subject of this story is Bogdan Suceava – a Romanian writer, born in Curtea de Arges in 1969, who works as an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics, California State University, Fullerton, U.S.A. He was invited to meet people from Curtea de Arges, juniors and seniors and to told them parts of his life experience, his work, and his books. At the end of this meeting, the Romanian project team realized a video based on the writer’s life story.

Storytelling Through Colors

On 1 June 2013, within the “Common Stories of Europe” project , was held the workshop “Storytelling Through Colors” at National College “Octav Onicescu”. The learners , youth and adult people, students and teachers told stories of their lives, told about their dreams for the future using colors and in the end they presented their artworks and narrated about the tales related with.

Dracula Storytelling 

On 1 May 2013 , on the top of the mountains, in the fortress Poenari , a part of the learners of our project “Common Stories of Europe” told legends, history events, happenings of life Wallachian prince Vlad Tepes ; they tried to understand what are the facts that inspired the novel “Dracula” by Bram Stoker.


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