Old time stories (Czech Republic)

chech republic

During the second project meeting all partners came together in Czech Republic, Western Bohemia to take a part in activities whos name were “Old Time Stories”. The participants had the opportunity to experiment – during 3 days the storytelling method was used in the activities that were located in two castles of Western Bohemia.

On 17 April 2013 we came to Prague. After welcome session a short workshop example was organized: “Older are teaching younger telling stories and listening”.
On 18 April 2013, in the morning we left the capital and went to the first castle from Western Bohemia – Zamec Valec. Each team of participants had its own task but all the teams had to create their own stories about the visited places. Each team imagined and created their own stories about those historical places and at the end the real stories about those places was told by organizers. Afterwards we  went to the second castle.
On 19 April 2013 we discovered a real story of historical castle Becov and of the shrine of St. Maurus.  In the evening, during the closing ceremony other stories about those places were told. So the participants could understand better lived history of the Czech people.


Once upon a time (Romania)


During the third project meeting from July 24th to July 28th we gathered together in Romania, Curtea de Arges for storytelling festival „Once upon a time”. During the festival Romanian partners from “George Topirceanu” Culture and Arts center organized various interesting activities for us, involving local inhabitants. In the park of Arges Monastery experience and historical stories were told, also we heard a great story from young storytellers on legends from Monastery.

We visited Poenari fortress wich is closely linked to life story of Dracula (Vlad Tepes). Here Romanians told “Stories of Dracula”, clarifying the true story of count’s life and events of that time.

We also had possibility to visit Vidraru Lake, where we had an opportunity to take a part in creative workshops “Storytelling through colours”.

Summer stories (Portugal)

During the fourth project meeting we met in Portugal to live through Summer stories told by Associação Empresarial de Paços de Ferreira.
Festival took place 19.-21.September 2014.

We got to know some interactive way storytelling tools and visited the school “Obra Social Silvia Cardoso,” from which a lot of people with special needs are active participants in the “Common Stories of Europe”. They did a musical presentation – “Mission, Vision and Values”, they dramatized a story that played it – “The Old Hermit’s Legend” after which discussions were held on the basis of the spectacle.We also visited Felgueiras where the presentation of the institution “Rota do Romanico” was done. The host partners used storytelling to present Monastery “Blessed Virgin Mary of Pombeiro” and the house Pão-de-lo House.

On 20.09.2014 we visited  Sanfins Citânia where stories starting with proto-history of Portugal were told. Storytelling method was presented at the Monastery of Ferreira too. The last part of the program consisted of an intercultural evening. Dances belonging to all the partner countries were presented by young and adults interns from “Obra Social Silvia Cardoso”.

On 21.09.2014, we left Pacos Ferreira and arrived to Porto where we visited the Serra do Pilar Monastery; our hosts used storytelling method for presenting historical past of Portugal. A storytelling workshop held in a museum-studio in which participants organized as a TV team conducted a short film about storytelling; some experiential stories were presented.

The City of Tales (Italy)


During the fifth project meeting we met in Genoa, The City of Tales. From 5th to 9th of March we discovered places, flavors, stories and experiences: the exhibition Dialogue in the Dark, which takes place entirely in total darkness with a blind guide, the interactive exhibition dedicated to Italian emigration and immigration in the world at the Museum of Sea and Navigation; a visit to an old chocolate factory founded in 1866, which preserves the original furnishings and equipment, the gastronomic-themed evening held at La Taverna di Colombo: a small typical and fine restaurant; visiting Camogli, an ancient fishing village and the medieval abbey of St. Fruttuoso with the history of the area and the legends of Liguria; the meeting with the citizens’ association “Ama”: they will present the project of a place for the exchange of books and tales, showing their work for the redevelopment of the neighborhood which, for years, has paid in terms of decay and abandonment.

On the final night, which was held in the Palazzo Ducale, one of the most beautiful monuments in Genoa, the ancient seat of government in the thirteenth century, the  festival ended with a concert, entirely dedicated to the guests, of the musical group “Rebis”: the duo from Genoa formed by Alessandra Ravizza and Andrea Megliola, talking about stories in music.

Past and Future (Poland)

polija 10During the sixth and final project meeting all the partners gathered in Lodz, Poland to explore and follow the trail of stories in the story-tour “Łódź stories Past-Future”. On May 21st we got on the story trail to be introduced with the city of 4 cultures, recreating the history
of its origin, life and fate of its inhabitants economic and social transformations from the
XIXth century to the present day through storytelling.
We got to know past of the city in Open Air Museum of Wooden Architecture at the Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź, participating in storytelling activities moderated by Anna Dąbrowicz, the curator. After have gained insight into daily lives of inhabitants of Lodz, we invented and told our own stories of their lives, deriving inspiration from objects of their lives.
Further the story trail led us to Poznański Palace. Guided by artist Anna Meissner we got to know the story of this great family and engaged in storytelling through photos and colours.

To get to present times we took a walk in “Manufactura” as a “bridge” between the past and the
future. And then – the Future: ms2 – Łódź Museum of Modern Art – the encounter with
works of art and conversation with them.


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